Scary Camp Stories

May 22, 2019 Mark Bogner Uncategorized

When we think of summer camps we often think of our own fond childhood memories, maybe sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories. There is one truly scary story however, you may have recently heard about. Reports of child abuse in an investigative report that CBS News has brought to light.

 According to their study, they found reports of over 500 victims of sexual abuse at children’s camps spanning over the last 55 years. In the past year alone, there were at least 21 reports of sexual abuse at camps. With over 14 million people attending camps each year it might be surprising for parents to learn that there are no national regulations for camps to follow. Even more concerning – 18 states have no requirements for employees to undergo a background check for employment. Eight states have no licensing requirements for overnight camps.

 It’s important more than ever for parents to do their research about the camps their children are attending. What should parents look for? American Camp Association (ACA) Accreditation is an important factor that parents should always look for when deciding which camp is right for their children. ACA accreditation is the only standard across all 50 states and goes above and beyond minimal standards required by state regulations.

Background Checks for Camps, Backed by True Hire is a proud business affiliate of ACA and can offer the important and necessary staff screenings to comply with ACA accreditation. With more than 20 years of experience, True Hire has focused on providing the fastest turnaround times, excellent customer service and the most accurate information available. We have programs specifically designed for camps and we recognize the need to carefully screen their employees and staff on a budge. Background Checks for Camps sets the standard for providing high-quality background checks to day and overnight camps, empowering them with the answers and tools needed for a safer environment for children.

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