Author: Mark Bogner

Why Marijuana Has No Place in the Workplace

June 13, 2019 Mark Bogner Uncategorized

Marijuana laws for both recreational and medicinal use are rapidly changing in the United States. There are currently 10 states that have legalized recreational use of marijuana and 22 additional states that allow medicinal use of the drug. It is now easier than ever for employees to obtain and use the substance in various formats, […]

Don’t Be “Basic”

June 13, 2019 Mark Bogner Uncategorized

DON’T BE BASIC (ON YOUR BACKGROUND CHECKS) According to urban dictionary, the term “Basic” is used to describe someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary, or simply worth devoting time or attention to. If your background check is just “basic” you could be missing key defining information regarding the behavioral […]

Scary Camp Stories

May 22, 2019 Mark Bogner Uncategorized

When we think of summer camps we often think of our own fond childhood memories, maybe sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories. There is one truly scary story however, you may have recently heard about. Reports of child abuse in an investigative report that CBS News has brought to light.  According to their study, […]