Security and Protection of Private Information

August 17, 2018 Helene Uncategorized 0 Comments

Security of information has become a major concern over the past year. While people have always been wary of sharing personal information over the internet, when Equifax was hacked last summer, it started an outcry for more security. More recently, the fear of how personal data is being used was brought to light with the […]

Background Check Myths

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MYTH: All criminal records are stored in a large, centralized database. Many people think that if you plug someone’s social security number into a database, that it spits out a report of every record associated with that person, but this is a common misconception. While there are databases that assist us with background checks, all […]

5 Steps to Carrying Out a Screening Policy

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Evaluate your needs to determine what kind of screening program you or your company requires. Refer to your current screening policy as a starting point. Don’t have a screening policy in place? Check out 10 questions to help you craft a background screening policy. Criteria to examine include services offered, cost, turnaround time, customer service, […]

Tenant Score joins local real estate investors at Stark County REIA Expo

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  Tenant Score, powered by True Hire, connected with local rental organizations as an exhibitor at the 2017 Stark County Real Estate Investors Association Expo on Saturday, March 25, 2017. The Tenant Score team consisted of Stephanie Froelich (CEO), Michael Barnhart (Chief Development Officer), Jennifer Yania (Director of Background Investigations), Melissa Houser (Business Development Manager), […]

FCRA Compliance

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Navigating the vast world of FCRA compliance can be overwhelming and confusing to say the least, not to mention the high stakes of noncompliance. Failing to abide by FCRA regulations puts your organization at risk for a potentially expensive and reputation-damaging lawsuit. But don’t worry! Tenant Score, powered by True Hire, has compiled the information […]

Introducing Tenant Score by True Hire

April 18, 2017 Mike Barnhart Uncategorized 0 Comments

True Hire revamped the United Tenant Screening brand with a new name, website and updated features. Tenant Score—formerly known as United Tenant Screening—has specialized in helping rental organizations and property owners with their tenant screening programs for nearly two decades. The Tenant Score revamp includes a new logo and website: The user-friendly website focuses […]